Main Materials

Optional Materials

The content of optional manuals may differ depending on the controller version and the applied condition. So we just list down the name of manuals as below. If you need any, please send the name of manual with your application details to so that we could send you the latest version of guide or document.

  • How to set Discrete Signal Input Board and text messages(pdf)
    If you install Discrete Signal Input Board to the DABIT controller, the controller can directly receive discrete signals(Max. in 8 digits) from your PLC or switches and trigger to display the corresponding messages (Max. 255) stored in the flash ROM.
  • LED Sign Software(DabitChe): User Manual(pdf), Program file(.zip)
    You can create/edit the various text/graphic message files, save them in a playlist file and upload to the controller to display them in a sequence on the LED signboard.
    When you save them in a background playlist file(.bgp), you can call & display the number of message on the list by sending a simple protocol packet or a discrete signal (Max. 8 digits) from PLC or switches.
  • How to upgrade the Firmware of DABIT controller(pdf)
  • How to change the English font(pdf)
  • Memory map for interfacing MODBUS RTU with DABIT protocol(pdf)
  • How to set the multi-communication (LAN or RS485)(pdf)
  • How to display Date, time on the sign
  • How to display Temperature and Humidity
  • How to change to one-way communication mode
  • Structure of DABIT protocol packet for checking the communication error