LED Sign Kit

Smart & Easy Solution for Industrial LED message display~

How to display message data of your system on the LED sign ?

If you want to display the message data of your PC(server, client), PLC or embedded system on the industrial LED signboard, you have to send the data in the format of the sign communication protocol which are different from the LED sign manufacturers.
Here, you can see how to do it with this simple LED sign kit(DABIT-2R6C) communicating with your DABIT simulator on your PC through DABIT protocol by any of RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet connectivity.
DABIT protocol has been using in various LED display industries since 2006, and developed to be a optimized solution for displaying industrial message of PLC, PC and embedded system.
If you understand DABIT protocol, you can display any kind of system message data on the LED signboard installed with DABIT controller.

I. Features of DABIT-2R6C Sign Kit

  • 2 lines by 7 colors with about 30 effects.
    Each line displays 12 characters for English/Numerals/symbols or 6 characters for Korean, Chinese, Japanese, etc.
  • Screen split into 2 sections “upper and lower, left and right” to display different text messages. “Shifting to left” effect can display more than 150 characters in a row.
  • Ethernet, RS232/485, TTL ports installed. You can select and use any of the two communication protocols: ASCII simple version, Hex standard version. For interfacing with PLC, MODBUS-RTU memory map is provided.
  • You can send a message in real-time to display instantly, or store them to display in page order infinitely. Real-time message is stored in RAM memory, while Page messages(Max. 10) in ROM memory. When using in combination of the two, Real-time message has the priority to display.
  • [Optional] You can store messages(up to 126) in text/graphic image and call to display on LED sign by sending a simple command packet or a direct discrete signal (DC 12/24V) from your PLC or devices.
[What to use with this kit]
  • To display text message data of PLC, PC and embedded system (indoor or built-in system)
  • To simulate DABIT LED Sign communication protocol as a training purpose

>> Please refer to the real protocol packets for the above samples on the protocol document (ASCII character format_Page 16, HEX code format_Page 23).

II. Components of DABIT-2R6C Sign Kit


 LED module(P3-2R6C) 

  • Pixel pitch: 3 mm
  • Resolution: 32(H) x 96(W) pixels
  • Specification: 288 x 98mm, 250g
  • ​7 Colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Sky blue, white

 LED Sign Controller(DIBD 500)

  • Ports for Ethernet, RS 232/485, TTL COM.
  • DABIT Communication Protocol(ASCII/HEX code format)
  • Multi-font types and sizes
  • Brightness control by manual or automatic(option)
  • Temperature / humidity / clock display (option)
  • Output (2 ports) to activate buzzer, lamp, etc

Accessories included

  • Adaptor (110 / 220V ⇒ DC5V, 5A)
  • RS-232 cable, Ethernet cable & coupler
  • Terminal block, stands, Quick guide

III. How to use the DABIT-2R6C Sign Kit

  1. Supply the power(DC5V) to the LED sign, and the sign will display demo Page messages.
  2. Connect your PC to the sign kit by any of Ethernet or RS-232/485 cable.
  3. Download the DABIT Protocol Simulator file(zip) on your PC and run it by double-clicking “DABIT Simulator.exe”. This program works only on Windows 7/8/10 not on MAC.
  4. Proceed the followings according to User Manual of DABIT Simulator.
    A. To set up the communication(RS232/485, Ethernet) by the attachment 1~4 depending on your option.
    B. To simulate sending various Real-time Message or Page Messages packets to display on the LED sign kit in any of ASCII characters format or HEX code format.
    C. To set up or control the LED sign.

    DABIT controller accepts both protocol formats. We recommend the ASCII character format for beginner and the HEX code format for advanced user in general. For details of the two protocols, please refer to “What is DABIT LED Sign Protocol?“.

    If you want to reset the demo Page messages, go to “Special Function > Clear Page Message Memory” section and just click on “All Pages > Send“. After that, try to store Page messages for your application on the LED sign according to the protocol document(“4.B. Displaying Page Messages“).
  5. Now, develop your message protocol and apply to your system interfacing with this LED sign kit.
    If you want, we can send you the sample sources in C#Borland C++  language.

If necessary, please ask the technical support to dabitsolution@gmail.com.

  1. What is DABIT LED Sign Protocol? html, pdf
  2. Quick Start Guide for DABIT-2R6C kit (pdf)
  3. DABIT Protocol Simulator: Software(zip), User Manual(pdf)
  4. DABIT Protocol Document(pdf): ASCII character formatStandard HEX format
  5. Specifications(pdf): LED Sign controller(DABIT500), LED module (P3-2R6C)