LED Sign Kit

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[Note 1] Limited warranty is 2 years.


Usage To display text message data of PLC, PC and embedded system (Indoor or built-in system)
To simulate DABIT LED Sign Protocol
Features 32(H) x 96(W) pixels, 7 colors, Ethernet & RS232/485 ports, various display effects, etc. >> More details
Price USD 190 for item #1~#5 below
1. LED module (98H x 288W mm, pitch 3mm )
2. Controller(DABIT 500)
3. Adapter (110/220V >> DC5V, 5A)
Stand (2 pieces)
RJ45 cable,  RS232 cable, Quick guide
Option 1. Antique Wooden caseUSD 30
2. Black aluminium caseUSD 50

LED Sign Controllers

DABIT controller display capacity

Model: DABIT 500 series
  • Display Capacity:
    Max. 32 modules
    2 Row x 16 Column or 1R x 32C
  • 48 x 104 mm, 0.3mA(DC5V)
  • Displaying Text, Graphic image in 7 colors
    >> Specification
Model: DABIT 600 series
  • Display Capacity:
    Max. 62 modules
    2 Row x 32 Column or 4R x 16C
  • 66 x 104 mm, 0.4mA(DC5V)
  • Displaying Text, Graphic image in 7 colors
    >> Specification
Model: DABIT 640 series 
전광판 컨트롤러 dibd 640
  • Display Cap.:
    Max. 160 modules
    4 Row x 40 Column or 8R x 20C
  • 66 x 143 mm, 0.5mA(DC5V)
  • Displaying Text, Graphic and animation image in 256 colors
    >> Specification (on request)

LED Modules

We provide high quality of LED modules manufactured by our quality control. For details, click “DABIT LED modules“!!

DABIT controllers are well compatible with various type/size of LED modules manufactured by major Korean/Chinese manufacturers as below. But, at first, you need to check if they are compatible with our controller by our technical support.
>>>> Korean LED modules : Vissem electronics, Seoul LED, Leddisplay
>>>> Chinese LED modules : HUB-75 type LED display modules 

If you want to use any specific LED module which are not compatible with our controller, there could be $100~$200 of firmware-development-cost (only for the first time).

Optional Products

Depending on you application, you can buy the following products with our controller at reasonable prices.

  1. Discrete signal input board to receive discrete signals (in 8 digits) from PLC, Switches for displaying stored messages(Max. 255) 
  2. Temperature & Humidity sensor with case for displaying temp. & humidity
  3. Cds sensor for auto brightness control
  4. Backup battery for displaying clock
  5. Bluetooth Communication Module with cable
  6. Firmware upgrade for MODBUS-RTU communication
  7. 2-channel relay to control lamp, buzzer ,etc.

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