LED Sign Kit


Usage To display text message data of PLC, PC and embedded system (indoor or built-in system)
To simulate DABIT LED Sign Protocol
Features 32(H) x 96(W) pixels, 7 colors, Ethernet & RS232/485 ports, various display effects, compact design, etc. >> More details
USD 220 for item #1~#5 below
1. LED module (98H x 288W mm, pitch 3mm )
2. Controller(DABIT 500)
3. Adapter (110/220V >> DC5V, 4A)
Stand (2 pieces)
RJ45 cable(2m) for LAN  comm.[Option 1] USB3.0 to RS232 Converter: USD 19
[Option 2] Mini router for wireless comm.: USD 19
[Note 1] LED module and controller are basically sold in a set, but can be seperately sold when ordered in a bundle(more than five pieces).
[Note 2] Limited warranty is 2 years for LED module & controller and 1 year for optional items.
[Note 3] When using “Mini wireless router”, you can use the power from the USB socket in the controller.

LED Sign Controllers

DABIT controller display capacity

Model: DABIT 500
DABIT 500 LED sign controller
  • Display Capacity: Max. 30 modules
    3 color / 7 color: 2 rows x 15 columns or 1 row x 30 columns
  • Dimension : 48H x 104L mm
  • Duty Ratio : 1/32, 1/16, 1/8
  • Display image : text / graphic (bmp, jpg)  >> More
Model: DABIT 600 
DABIT 600 LED Sign controller
  • Display Capacity: Max. 60 modules
    3 color / 7 color: 2 rows x 30 col. or 4 rows x 15 col.
  • Dimension : 66H x 104L mm
  • Duty Ratio : 1/16, 1/8, 1/4
  • Display image : text / graphic / animation(gif)
Model: DABIT 640 
전광판 컨트롤러 dibd 640
  • Display Cap.: Max. 160/40 modules
    256 color
    : 4R x 40C or 8R x 20C
    Full color: 4R x 10C
  • Dimension : 66H x 143L mm
  • Duty Ratio : 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, Static
  • Display image : text / graphic / animation / Video

LED Modules

We sell several high quality of LED modules(16 x 16 dot matrix, indoor or semi-indoor), as follows, in a bundle.
>>>> P3 : 32(H) x 96(W) pixels,  096(H) x 288(W) mm, full color, Indoor        >>spec.
>>>> P4 : 32(H) x 32(W) pixels, 128(H) x 128(W) mm, full color, Indoor         >>spec.
>>>> P6 : 32(H) x 16(W) pixels, 192(H) x 096(W) mm, full color, Indoor         >>spec.
>> P8 : 32(H) x 16(W) pixels, 256(H) x 128(W) mm, full color, Indoor & Outdoor     >>spec.

By combination of these modules, you can make bigger LED display screen.

DABIT controllers are well compatible with various type/size of LED modules of other major Korean/Chinese manufacturers as below. If you contact us, we could recommend you the best choice for your needs.
>>>> Korean LED modules : Vissem electronics, Seoul LED, Leddisplay
>>>> Chinese LED modules : Standard HUB-75 families 

If you want to use specific LED module other than the above, we need to ask you a charge for the signal-matching-programming job with your LED module (only for the first time).

Optional Products

We could also sell or recommend the following optional products for your application at reasonable prices. (Warranty: 1 year)

  • [Option 1] USB3.0 to RS232 converter for serial communication : USD 19
  • [Option 2] Mini Wireless router for wifi communication : USD 19
  • [Option 3] Power Adaptor (110/220VAC » DC5V, 5A) : USD 12
  • [Option 4] Temperature & Humidity sensor for temp. & humidity display
  • [Option 5] USB Memory for increasing the memory capacity
  • [Option 6] Discrete signal converting board(DC12/24V to DC5V)

Please send a quotation or an inquiry on the above products to Then, you will get prompt reply.